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Our mission at Writers Room is to help you become a writer while you write your script. Our unique approach to storytelling gives you the experience of quickly developing your own concept and story. Whether you’re interested in writing your first screenplay or television pilot, we’ll help you to write smarter and faster through intensive screenwriting support and consulting.


Our Courses & Programs

Your Gateway to Success

Imagine the personal breakthrough of transforming your creative dream into a reality. This specialized course starts where every production begins, with an idea and a script.  Students will focus on the ‘classical’ fundamentals of screenwriting for the big and small screen. Then we’ll discover how these core elements are used to develop engaging stories into salable screenplays. Look through our current course offerings below to learn more.

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Introduction Course

Exceptional Progress

If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, Intro to Screenwriting is perfect for you. Our goal is to empower writers by turning a creative idea into the beginnings of a first draft while learning fundamentals for the big and small screen. This course is a great way to begin that journey. Contact us today to get more information.

Basic Training

Guaranteed Success

Basic Training introduces a professional writing approach with an intensive syllabus, clear writing strategies and hard deadlines. Starting with as little as a single idea, you'll begin shaping your story, learning about the film business, and constructing the parameters of your project. Get in touch with one of our team members today.


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